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Abstract: The design of a building with a dynamic environment is known as "Dynamic Architecture." Geometry is investigated in order to learn more about the aspects that influence the design of this sort of structure. constructing The planned structure is 200 meters tall and in the form of a "T." On its top is a 360-degree rotating moveable framework. As a result of the shifting Due to the rotation of the top half of the structure, two assumptions may be made. a. in the structural analysis: b. in the structural analysis: c. in the structural analysis: that the altering shape has a significant impact on the a. the building's dynamic nature, or b. that the changing geometry has no effect on the conduct that is dynamic Because the movement will be gradual, a structural study will be possible. Quasi-stationary On the top of the building, the cantilevered structure functions as a concentrated mass. When it comes to seismic loads, the structure is an essential component to consider. The layout of the The moveable structure's connection to the building is crucial in order for it to move, however be fastened to the structure at the same time The modeling of this is based on a valid assumption. In structural analysis, the relationship is crucial. Because of the top part's rotation, The torsional impacts of the whole structure must be given considerable attention.Keywords: Acceleration, Dynamic loads, Rotating Machinery, Vibrations etc.

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