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Abstract: The progressive collapse of building is the collapse of whole building or part of building in progressive manner due to spread of local failure from element to element. Due to progressive collapse there will be severe loss of building and life of humanity as progressive collapse happens suddenly. To avoid the loss, need to design a building by proper study and analysis of building for progressive collapse. Due to earthquake, blast, vehicular sudden impact, etc if the column is not capable to withstand sudden impact then column may get failed and due that other columns also get failed, which causes loss of whole structure. A linear static analysis and non-linear dynamic analysis using time history method is carried out using finite element software Sap2000. Three column removal scenarios namely corner, middle & mid-central column removal scenario are taken into consideration. In Linear Static Analysis Demand Capacity Ratio (DCR) values is considered and Non-linear Dynamic Analysis (NDA) Maximum Axial force, bending moment & shear force results where the column is removed are taken into considerations and find out which column removal is affecting maximum to the building.Keywords: - RC frame buildings, Progressive, Linear Static, Non-linear Dynamic

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