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Abstract: This research paper focuses on a wireless healthcare system. Here we have used various sensors[4] to measure vital parameters like body temperature, pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation (%Spo2) and ECG. During the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping track of your oxygen levels and temperature had proven to be essential[11] hence this system will keep track of the patient’s vitals[5]. This system is also designed for those patients who are bed ridden and need monitoring continuously[11]. Hence, this system can help their caretakers monitor them remotely. These parameters are measured at the patient’s end and will be transferred wirelessly[4] to a remote display with help of transceiver modules. The Arduino controller on the patient’s end is integrated with all the sensors and a transceiver module. The remote display is connected with another Arduino controller with the transceiver module. Through this module we receive all the signals post processing and are displayed on the TFT display. This system has shown promising and accurate results for a portable healthcare system.Keywords—Heart rate, Body temperature, Electrocardio- gram (ECG), Oxygen saturation 

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