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Abstract: Now a day the world automobile markets is in recession and huge loss due to covid-19 infection , this paper is trying to focus the solution of sale and service sector of automobile industry in the pandemic year 2020 due to covid-19 infection worldwide. the revenue loss of this industry during the march 2020 to upcoming December 2020 is forecasted almost Rs15, 000 crore per day due to halt in manufacturing as per report of economic times India and Auto sales drops 51% in June 2020 and Passenger vehicles once again moved to negative with 49.6 percent decline in domestic sales at 105,617 units in June 2020 as compared to 209,522 units sold in the same period last year as per economic times India. (1).so this research is trying to focus the key requirement and governing area on the basis of customized survey for a group of people in upcoming smart city Prayagraj utter Pradesh for exploring and key feature required for marketing and sales of various segments of car available in targeted survey area. Keywords: Covid-19, Budget car (Below 6 Lakhs)Abbreviations: W.S.N (Wide Service Network), A.O.P (Availability of Parts), V.O.M (Value of Money), COVID-19 Novel CoronavirusDisease

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