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Abstract: Most human activities involve vibration in one form or other. For example, we hear because our eardrums vibrate and see because light waves undergo vibration. Breathing is associated with the vibration of lungs and walking involves (periodic) oscillatory motion of legs and hands. Human speech requires the oscillatory motion of larynges (and tongues). Early scholars in the field of vibration concentrated their efforts on understanding the natural phenomena and developing mathematical theories to describe the vibration of physical systems. In recent times, many engineering applications of vibration, such as the design of machines, foundations, structures, engines, turbines, and control systems. On the basis of typical theory on vibration analysis between bridge and vehicles, finite element model of bridge with FRP is established by ANSYS software. Through the numerical simulation analysis dynamic response characteristics of the bridge body are acquired when the vehicle passes through the bridge at different speeds and different frequents, and inner force of bridge is gotten. These will provide reference for improving the vibration control measures of bridge under moving loads.Keywords: Vibration analysis, Bridge, ANSYS

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