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Abstract: This An total of 2,500 citizens in India die per year as a result of fire-building occurrences. Fire causes thousands of deaths and loss of property. The fire incidents across the world have been seen which results in the large amount of damage to reinforced cement concrete framed structures. Column being one of the most important loads bearing member, the whole structure fails due to the failure of the columns.RCC short c/s column 300mmX300mm with 3760mm in height, enhanced by 4 HYSD500 bars with links in diameter 25mm with 8mm ties The HYSD500 should be checked in the ANSYS programme for four leg straps and diamond strands with a load of 1700 KN and the thermal analysis should also be performed to verify the impact of columns after temperature stresses. There have been worldwide fire accidents that are causing considerable harm to buildings framed in RCC. The column is one of the largest load bearing members with fire power losses. Owing to the column collapse, the whole system is failing. In this study, the steel reinforcement of the RCC columns using diamond bonds is increased. The buildings should be built with fire prevention and post fire maintenance in mind. Many buildings suffer harm that cannot be repaired because of inadequate fire laws. ANSYS analyses the thermal analytical reaction and geometry load on columns that have four stem and diamond stem. In this study the findings with the analysis suggest that the column''sfire resistance capabilities are better than four leg stirrup columns with diamond stirrups similarly the columns can be analysed by using SFRC. Both SFRC designs increase fire-resistance capability than those without SFRC models, but all findings are concluded by the right conclusion in those models which have too little effects for diamond strips.Keywords: Reinforced Concrete Column, Diamond Tie Configuration, Fire Performance, Fire Resistance, Stirrups.

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