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Abstract: This paper focuses only on the literature review about various concepts of Progressive Collapse Analysis. In this chapter we are going study in depth about progressive collapse analysis. In this chapter we will discuss various types of Progressive Collapse, various analysis methods of Progressive Collapse etc. Progressive collapse of structures is characterized by a disproportion in size between a triggering event and the resulting collapse. Although the disproportion between cause and effect is a defining and common feature, there are various differing mechanisms that produce such an outcome. Review various guidelines & techniques used for to analysis of progressive collapse analysis and to develop a report in the form of literature review. Identify an appropriate technique and suitable guideline from the reviewed literature for progressive collapse analysis of industrial shed. On basis of above characteristics progressive collapse of structure is differentiated which is as follows. Progressive collapse is the result of a localized failure of one or two structural elements that lead to a steady progression of load transfer that exceeds the capacity of other surrounding elements, thus initiating the progression that leads to a total or partial collapse of the structure.

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