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Abstract: Metamaterials or Metasurfaces are important research topics because of having remarkable electromagnetic properties provided bysub-wavelength structures and functional order. These artificial nanomaterials are typically composed of a metallic patch or dielectric multilayered configuration of subwavelength thickness, which provides benefits such as ease of fabrication, lightweight, and the ability to adaptelectromagnetic waves over a wide frequency range, from microwave to visible light. The use of metamaterials in visible light communicationsis still in its early stages. We need to change the useable environment and signal using metamaterials to boost data rate and coverage whilemaintaining low power and cost, great dependability, enormous connection, and low latency. In this paper, we categorize and then explain theconcept and fundamental principle so that one can easily choose a metamaterial for visible light communication according to the environment,working frequency and requirements.Keywords:- metamaterial, metasurface, VLC, Passive metamaterial, Active metamaterial, Digital metamaterial, Smart intelligent metamaterial

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