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Abstract- Normal conventional concrete has been widely used as a construction material throughout the world because of itsadvantages of high compressive strength, Durability, workability, mould-ability, etc. The current global scenario shows increasedConstruction of large and complex structures with heavy reinforcement and complicated shapes. Using normal concrete in suchsituation may often result in inadequate compaction, affecting performance and long-term durability of structures. One solutionfor the achievement of durable concrete structures is the use of Self- Compacting Concrete (SCC). At present day Nanotechnologyis one of the most active research areas which has wide applications in almost all the fields. So, in these project, ImprovingConcrete properties by addition of GGBS and Nano-silica, particles and compare the test results with conventional concrete. TheConcrete cubes are tested at 7, 14 and 28 days with replacement of 2, 4, 6% of Nano silica & 20% of GGBS to evaluate thecompressive Strength and split tensile strength of the concrete and it is concluded that for 4% of Nano silica will give highercompressive and split tensile strength as compare to normal concrete and other percentages of Nano silicaKey words: NS=Nano silica, GGBS, OPC Ordinary port land cement, SCC=Self compacting concrete.

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