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Abstract- The non-biodegradable plastic wastes ejected from several sources are uninterruptedly mixed in the oceanicenvironment from different parts of the world, which are persevering in the marine world even thousands of years and movedone region to another within the ocean, imparts negatively to marine fishes, mammals, birds and other huge variability ofdiversified species surviving in oceanic climate. The ocean is treated as the hotspots or dumping yard of vast amounts of plasticwastes ejected by human beings after use and these wastes of plastic materials either through ingestion or entanglement bothin micro and macro forms into the various kinds of marine species and cause of hazards to oceanic climate. The waste plasticproducts undergo bioaccumulation in the food chains and also in food web within oceanic climate and cause of danger to mostof the aquatic life. The marine plastic contamination is now considered as an vital global issue and not only influences the globalecological condition, but also interferes with the economic condition and social issue throughout the globe.Keywords: Marine species; Oceanic climate; Ecosystem, Plastics contamination, Global issue

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