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Abstract- The rapid development of Android applications has had a significant impact on our lives. This project focuses onstudents and uses the Android operating system to aid them in the academic setting. This project asks the student to check theavailability of staff members when they require assistance and to obtain immediate circular information. Many Androidapplications are now available to help students with their studies, such as assisting them in capturing lecture notes or videos,reminding them of work to be completed within a certain time frame, and so on. This initiative, on the other hand, aims to aidstudents in updating their circular information such as holidays, new events, assignments, and so on, hence reducing manuallabour. The timetable of their relevant subject staff members is displayed in this application. Internal grades can be checked atany moment by students. When they receive a failing grade, it also notices that they will try hard in future exams. The androidoperating system is required for this project. This application has a nice user interface and is cost effective._

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