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ABSTRACT: - Rotavators are amazing portions of gardening equipment, frequently used in allotments andfields, to interrupt up, churn and aerate the soil before planting seeds and bulbs or laying turf. Rotavatorsmakes use of a fixed of blades or rotors which twist and wreck via the soil. A cultivator is any of numerousstyles of farm enforce used for secondary tillage. One experience of the name refers to frames with enamel (alsocalled shanks) that pierce the soil as they're dragged through it linearly. The Aim of the task is Design andOptimization of Rotavator and cultivator in agricultural application rotary tillage device on the premise offinite element method and simulation method is finished through the use of CAD-software for the structuralevaluation. The distinct tillage device elements of rotary tillage tools are geometrically limited with training ofstrong model and The Simulation is accomplished with actual field overall performance score parameterstogether with boundary conditions .The electricity limited for the tillage tool applications with 35Hp strengthtractor and estimated forces performing at soil-tool interface. The resultant effect on tillage blade and wholerotavator and cultivatior meeting is obtained from strain distribution and deformations Graphs. The proposedwork outcomes in figuring out enough tolerance in changing the scale of Rotavator body sections and facetequipment field for getting rid of the extra weight in a solid section and also to elevate the weight of blade fora dependable energy. The gift working version with tillage blade of Rotovators(C type, L type, J type) andcultivator Blades( Chisel, Chamfer side, Curved form) is analyzed to new designs constraints with exchange ofits geometry for the maximum weed elimination performance by way of providing its sensible outcomes fromthe field overall performance. Consider In this project evaluation the usage of simplest Rotovator and cultivatorblades with different materials MILD STEEL, GREY CAST IRON, CARBON STEEL, NIMONIC 80A.Eventually concluded the which material is the correct fabric primarily based at the Von-misses strain, Strain,Shear stress Deformation.Keywords: Rotary Tillage Tool, Simulation, FEM, Design Analysis, Stress, Deformation, Rotavator

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