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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Impact of Two Natural Rainfall Events in Erosion of Soil, Water and Nutrients in a Wasteland Area of Bundelkhand Region (U.P.) India


Present investigation has been carried out at two selected sites (I & II) in a wasteland area of Orai (Jalaun), Uttar Pradesh to see the impact of erosion on soil, water and nutrients in two natural rainfall events i.e. 14 and 11 mm on two different days during rainy season. The vegetated plot showed lower values of soil erosion, run-off water and nutrient loss and high infiltration rate in comparison to bare plot at both the sites (I & II). It was observed that the loss of soil, water and nutrients (N and P) were more at site I in comparison to site II. The annual soil loss in total rainfall (1146.6 mm) of the year during study period (2016) was 2.01 t/ha/yr in vegetated and 24.86 t/ha/yr in bare plots at site I. In contrast, values were 1.74 t/ha/yr in vegetated and 23.73 t/ha/yr in bare plots at site II. Keywords: Erosion, Run-off , Rainfall

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