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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Octapace Culture: A Predictorof Faculty Performance


The present study aims in making a survey onthe impact of OCTAPACE Culture with respect toinstitutions of higher learning in Indore city. Forimparting quality education in colleges, faculty membersare considered to be the most important and valuableassets. The eight variables of HRD climate thereforeplays a vital and essential role in maintenance anddevelopment of employees which would lead to highersatisfaction in their job. OCTAPACE in form of Humanresource development is a continuous process to ensurethe development of employee’s competencies, dynamism,motivation and effectiveness in a systematic and plannedway. In this study total 250 faculty were selected andthrough questionnaire they were asked about the cultureexist in their organizations. For the analysis correlationand regression were applied. The findings reveal thatthere is a significant impact of OCTAPACE culture onfaculty performance in institutions of higher learning.Keywords: OCTAPACE Culture, Faculty Performance,Quality Education, Maintenance, Development andInstitutions of higher learning. 

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