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Abstract— to discover the key causes of construction project delays in India; the major causes of delays from this research study werestudied following data collecting using a questionnaire survey with a wide range of construction professionals based in High-rise Projects. The findings of this study used an importance index to determine the major causes of delays, and the main conclusions drawn from the data could aid the construction industry in better assessing not only the major causes of delays on construction projects, but also how to minimizethem through proper planning. The importance of safety leadership is sometimes disregarded in guidelines, despite its importance in ensuring the safe implementation of working procedures.Apart from addressing the rising demand, Delay issues can be avoided in the current context by appropriate decision-making throughout the construction process, although more research is required. This might include studies on decision-making processes, the substance of training programmes for construction site managers, the importance of programmes in developing a more trained workforce, and the potential for wider usage of pre- cast materials, among other things. This study looked into the reasons behind construction project delays in India during the epidemic.Because high-rise projects are such an important component of the city, they must be completed as soon as possible for public benefit. Almost all of India's projects are behind schedule. Delay is widely regarded as the most common, complicated, and dangerous problem inbuilding projects. Overruns in time describe the majority of building projects in developing countries. Deadlines and unpredictability plague all initiatives, regardless of their size or complexity. Every construction project experiences delays, and the extent of these delays varies greatly from project to project. This study conducts a thorough evaluation of prior studies on time and cost overrun drivers.Keywords—Low Rise & High Rise Buildings, Cost-benefit analysis,

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