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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

A Study on EconomicBeam Section by Placing Light Weight Material below Neutral Axis 


With increasing demand and consumption of cement,researchers use the various waste materials to replace the concrete. As thepart above neutral axis is in compressive and the part below neutral axis is intension in case when a beam subjected to sagging moment and vice a versa if abeam subjected to hogging moment. So the concrete below neutral axis can bereplaced by any materials.  There arevarious materials which can be replace the concrete in tension zone. There arevarious materials that we can use such as bricks, clc blocks, wooden blocksetc. The materials should be such that the bond between the materials and steelshould be strong enough same as between the steel and concrete. This type ofbeams are used anywhere but for small sections the casting of this sections isdifficult and time consuming. After using lightweight materials the dead weightof section is reduced by 16%. The cost of the section is also reduced by 9%.Behaviour of reinforced concrete infilled beams is similar to that ofreinforced concrete beams. Presence of lightweight materials in the lowstressed zone has not caused significant reduction in strength of reinforcedconcrete beams. During this project work no of beam having dimension (1100x150x300)mmfor different infilled material tested to compare the various properties andcost analysis with conventional beam.

KeywordsCellular Lightweight Concrete Blocks,Brick, Wooden block.

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