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Abstract: The increasing trend of mobile communications has seen exponential growth in the last three years. Increased competitions among mobile operators also have contributed to the installation of many towers to enhance both coverage area and network reliability. The tower locations are specified in terms of latitudes and longitudes with the height of the mounted antenna dictated by functional requirements of the network. Communication towers are playing a vital role in this generation and in the next. The main objectives of the present research work are i) To study and analyze the behavior of self–supporting Telecommunication tower for wind zones V and VI for Indian code practice IS 875 (part 3):2015. ii) To analyze the dynamic response of a telecommunication tower for three ground motions that occurred during earthquakes of 1940 Imperial Valley, 1957 San Francisco, and 1992 Landers. iii) To compare the results of analysis of telecommunication towers with different configurations. The experimental investigation consists of various tower like K-Bracing, V-Bracing, W-Bracing, XBX- Bracing, XX-Bracing of varies height 30m, 45m, 60m and also varies zone like Zone-V (50 m/s), and Zone-VI (55 m/s). In this study it is found that for wind zone V and VI, tower height up to 30m, the displacement difference between XBX and W bracing is found to be 56.82%. Also for wind zone V and VI, tower height 45m and 60m, the displacement difference between K and XBX bracing is found to be 41.20%. The analytical values are compared with experimental values, it is observed that analytical results are almost similar to experimental results. Further the present research investigation confirmed that K-bracing and XBX-bracing gives satisfactory results in wind analysis and time history analysis for considered wind zones and ground motions.Keywords: Telecommunication Tower, Seismic Analysis, Time History Analysis, Staad Pro. 

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