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In distributed networks, blockchain refers to a set of general-purpose technologies for exchanging information and transacting digital assets. The central topic addressed in this article is whether blockchain technology will lead to government process innovation and transformation. To answer this question, we provide a critical review of the literature's often exaggerated benefits of blockchain technology, as well as their implications for government organizations and processes. We advocate for a move from a technology-driven to a need-driven strategy, in which blockchain applications are tailored to meet the needs of administrative processes, and administrative procedures are altered to take advantage of the technology. It has been discovered that having sound governance models is a must for realizing advantages. We provide paths for further research into the potential benefits of BC applications in e-government, as well as the role of governance of BC architectures and applications to conform with societal needs and public values, based on a critical appraisal. Using Java as a programming language, we will create a web-based architecture for effective distribution of government schemes with BCT features.Keywords: E governance, jsp, servlet, web, java, visual cryptography, AES, etc.

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