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Abstract—In urban India floating column building is a typical featureinthe modern multi-storey construction. Floating columnsbuildings are adopted either for architectural aspect or whenmore free space is required in the ground floor. Such featuresare highly undesirable in seismically active area. In theproject studies the analysis of G+5, G+7, G+9, G+11 and G+13storey building with floating column and without floating iscarried out. The analysis is done by using STAAD Pro V8isoftware by using Time History Method. The paper deals withthe results variation in displacement ofstructure, base shear,Seismic weight calculation of building from manualcalculation and STAAD pro V8i. For building with floatingcolumn and building without floating column, finding thevariation between the response parameters of earthquake anddescribe what happens when variation may be high or low.The study is carried out to find whether the floating columnstructures are safe or unsafe when built in seismically proneareas, and also find out commercial aspectsof floating columnbuilding either it is economical or uneconomical

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