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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Advance Coolingof Radiator by Using Nano Fluids


Today, the demand of automobile vehiclesis on peak. So, it is a great challenge for automotive industries to provide anefficient and economical engine. The performance of an engine affects byvarious systems like fuel supply system, lubrication system, transmissionsystem, cooling system etc. So, it becomes essential to account them whiledesigning an engine for improves the engines performance. Cooling system is oneof the important systems amongst all. It is responsible to carry large amountof heat waste to surroundings for efficient working of an engine. It alsoenhances heat transfer and fuel economy which leads to maximize the performanceof an engine. Most internal combustion engines are fluid cooled using eitherair or a liquid coolant run through a heat exchanger (radiator) cooled by air.The heat transfer through radiator can be improved by maximizing the heattransfer area and increasing the heat transfer coefficient. The heat transfercoefficient can be increased either by using more efficient heat transfermethods or by improving the thermos-physical properties of the heat transfermaterial i.e. Coolant. Earlier, Water was widely used in radiator as a coolantfor its good ability to holding heat, transfer heat and can be readilyobtained. Also the mixture of water & ethylene glycol later introduced as acoolant. But by using a Nano-Fluid based Coolant in automobile Radiator, itincreases coolant flow rate can improve the heat transfer performance.

Keywords – Radiator, Cooling System, Engine, Nano Fluids

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