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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Marketing andSales of Industrial Products to The Footwear Industry


Abstract—Footwear production, accounting for approximately 10% of the global yearlyproduction, makes India the second largest producer of footwear in the world.As per market analysts 2.1 billion pairs of footwear are annually produced inIndia out of which 90% are consumed internally and remaining are exported toEuropean countries such as United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and USA.

TheObjective of this report is to study and analyze Promotion and salesmethodology used by OCAP India Pvt. Ltd. for selling industrial chemicals tothe Indian Footwear Industry. It also aims at critically examining the pricingand distribution strategy adopted the organization.

Asincere effort has been made to analyze each and every strength, weakness,opportunity and threat faced by the organization; and to give suitablerecommendations that might help the organization to counter its weakness andthreats and improve its performance.

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