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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

A Route for Disabled Persons in Airways& Railways


Abstract Travellingaccessibility is the main problem occurred for the physically disabled personsin railway stations and airports, where they have to move few kilometrestowards the platform and as well as move towards the runways?  Recently the idea flashed in my mind afterseeing such an incidence while I was travelling to Hyderabad. A disabled personwas struggling to go towards the platform 7, as some few people came to helpthe person. Similarly I have read the article recently where some disabledstruggled to get the wheelchair facility. So I have come up with an idea thatis a route for the disabled person in railway station and in airports too.  Physically challenged persons should alwaysdepend on the third person to travel from one place to another so, by usingthis idea they can independently travel anywhere, anytime. The idea is easy,flexible and handy to the handicapped person. It is a just a route from oneplatform to another with a controlling unit that is controlled by the personlater the empty wheel chair is controlled by the supervised person at theplatform.

Keywords:-Wheel Chair, Application, Sensors, Controllingunit.

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