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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

A Review On- Reducing The Data Attacks On The Cloud By Dividing AndReplicating The Data Over Multiple Cloud Nodes


Outsourcingdata to a third-party administrative control, as is done in cloud computing,gives rise to security concerns. The data compromise may occur due to attacksby other users and nodes within the cloud. Therefore, high security measuresare required to protect data within the cloud. However, the employed security strategy must also take intoaccount the optimization of the data retrieval time. In this paper, we proposeDi- vision and Replication of Data in the Cloud with Attribute based encryption(ABE) that collectively approaches the security and performance issues. In thissystem, we divide a file into fragments, and replicate the fragmented data overthe cloud nodes. Each of the nodes stores only a single fragment of aparticular data file that ensures that evenin case of a successful attack, no meaningful information is revealed tothe attacker. And also, This kind of computing model brings challenges to thesecurity and privacy of data storedin cloud. Attribute-based encryption (ABE) technology has been used to designfine-grained access control system, which provides one good method to solve thesecurity issues in cloud setting. However, thecomputation cost and cipher text size in most ABE schemes grow with thecomplexity of the access policy. OutsourcedABE (OABE) with fine-grained access control system can largely reduce thecomputation cost for users who want to access encrypted data stored in cloud byoutsourcing the heavy computation to cloud service provider(CSP).

Keywords: attribute-basedencryption; cloud computing; outsourced key-issuing; outsourced decryption;Division of Cloud Data.

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