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Review on Gas Chromatography


GasChromatography (GC or GLC) is a normally utilized analytic technique as a partof numerous research and industrial research facilities for quality control andin addition identification and quantitation of components in a mixture. GC islikewise utilized technique as a part of numerous environmental and forensiclabs since it takes into consideration the detection of very little quantities.An expansive variety of tests can be analysed until the compounds areadequately thermally steady and reasonably volatile.

In gas chromatography (GC), the mobile phase is a inertgas (eg helium). The stationary stage is a thin layer of a inert fluid on aninert solid support for example, beads of silica pressed into a long thin tube(this adaptable tube is curled ordinarily inside a thermostatically-controlledoven to keep it at a consistent temperature). Gas solid chromatography permitsthe separation and determination of low molecular mass gases.  

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