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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

The Safer FutureIgnition ‘Laser Ignition’


Abstract For more than 150years, spark plugs have powered internal combustion engines. Automakers are nowone step closer to being able to replace this long-standing technology withlaser igniters, which will enable cleaner, more efficient, and more economicalvehicles. The technique of laser ignition has reached a high degree ofmaturity. It allows the improvement of performance of large MW gas engines:higher ignition pressures, capability for ignition of leanest mixtures, lowerNOx content in the exhaust, higher efficiency. Conventional spark plugs pose abarrier to improving fuel economy and reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides(NOx), a key component of smog. Engines make NOx as a byproduct of combustion.If engines ran leaner -- burnt more air and less fuel -- they would producesignificantly smaller NOx emissions. Laser igniters could one day replace sparkplugs in automobile engines, Not only would these lasers allow for betterperformance and fuel economy, but cars using them would also create lessharmful emissions.

Keywords:-Laser Igniter, Spark Plug, NOx Emissions, Fuel Efficiency.

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