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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Review article on Amalgamation Story of KingLear’s Madness and Blindness


Abstract Thispaper has been written to unveil the moral blindness of king Lear and theaftermath of blind judgement towards Cordelia, therefore Lear has gone throughthe phase of madness. In the play King Lear, moral blindness has beenconsidered as the metaphorical blindness. Lear’s blind love  for Cordelia forced him to set up the lovetest. He was so sure about his younger daughter’s declaration of love for himin a flattering way. But Cordelia did express the love for her father in asimple and lucid manner. It was the king who became blind morally after hedisowned ordelia, his youngest daughter. Without any hesitation Lear hasbanished Cordelia. However Kent advised Lear to reconsider his rash action andtold him to see better. Instead of taking the good daughter, Lear took his evilminded daughters based on their spurious praiseworthy words to him. Besides theblindness of King Lear we have seen another example of moral and physicalblindness through the character Gloucester. As we know sight does contain thepower to uplift the good judgement, but Lear was unable to see his good andhonest daughter Cordelia’s love towards him. As a result Lear did set hislife’s platform as jinx through chaotic and tragic events. However towards theend of this play, Lear has compelled to disguise himself. In a disguising wayhe did able to understand the reality of life, truth and honesty, as well as hisnotion of wrong judgement. Most importantly his sense of realization was lateindeed, and ultimately took him towards his demise.

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