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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

A Review on Ensuring Data Security in Cloud


Abstract Incloud system the data is outsourced on the cloud, this may create securityissues. In this dissertation I propose Division and Replication of Data inCloud (DRDC) which can take care of security issues without compromising theperformance. In this system, file uploaded by the client is first encryptedthen divided into fragments. Then these fragments are replicated over the cloudnodes. Fragmentation and replication is carried out in such a way that eachnode contains only a single fragment. Thus if any one of the node is intrudedby hacker, no significant information is revealed, and thus security ismaintained. To further increase the security, nodes are separated by T-coloringgraph method. Due to the T-coloring, the effort needed by an attacker to breachthe security is increased multiple times.

Keywords:-cloud Storage, distributedfile system, Division and Replication of data(DRDC),T-coloring.

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