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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

WirelessSensor Network for Industrial Environment Monitoring in IoT Application


Abstract— A sensor interfacedevice is essential for sensor data collection of industrial wireless sensornetworks (WSN) in IoT environments. However, the current connect number,sampling rate, and signal types of sensors are generally restricted by thedevice. Thus, it can read data in parallel and in real time with high speed onmultiple different sensor data. The standard of IEEE1451.2 intelligent sensorinterface specification is adopted for this design. It comprehensivelystipulates the smart sensor hardware and software design framework and relevantinterface protocol to realize the intelligent acquisition for common sensors. Anew solution is provided for the traditional sensor data acquisitions. Thedevice is combined with the newest ARM technology and the standard ofIEEE1451.2 intelligent sensor specification. Performance of the proposed systemis verified and good effects are achieved in practical application of IoT towater environment monitoring

Keywords: AdvanceRISC Machine Digital VideoDisc, Liquid Crystal Display, IoT (Internet of Things)

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