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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Review on IoT Based Smart Solar Photovoltaic Plant Remote Monitoring and Control Unit


Abstract The cost of renewable energy equipment’sgoes down globally with advancement of technologies encouraging massive scalesolar photovoltaic installations. IoT leads the work quicker and smarter toimplement in advanced growing technologies. The main vision for writing thisreview is each and every solar photovoltaic solar array should be monitored toknow its current status because monitoring is very important for performanceevaluation as well as controlling panels to work in a very good condition. Theperformance, monitoring and maintenance of the plant will highly enhance byusing the IoT based Technology for observing solar photovoltaic plant. Thiswill facilitate preventive maintenance, historical analysis of the plant inaddition to real time observance moreover as controlling solar panels and thiswill conjointly helps for power generation by setting the equipment to inducemaximum sunlight automatically. Once there's decrease in intensity of light,solar panels automatically changes its direction to get maximum intensity oflight that the solar energy conversion efficiency are going to be improved.

Keywords: Remotemonitoring, IoT

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