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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

A Review on : An Enhanced Security by using 2LQR code for FortifiedAuthentication


Abstract The quick response (QR) code wasdesigned for storage information and high-speed reading applications. In thiswe create a new QR code that has two levels and can be used for documentvalidation. This rich two-level QR code, has public and private storage levels.The public level is same as the standard QR code stowing level; therefore, itis readable by any classical QR code application. The private level isfabricated by replacing the black modules by specific textured patterns. Itconsists of information encoded using q-ary code with an errorimprovement capacity. This allows us not only to increase the storage capacityof the QR code, but also to distinguish the original document from a copy. Thisauthentication is due to the sensitivity of the used patterns to theprint-and-scan (P&S) process. The pattern recognition method that we use toread the second-level information can be used both in a private message sharingand in an authentication scenario. It is based on maximizing the correlationvalues between P&S degraded patterns and reference patterns. The storagecapacity can be meaningfully improved by increasing the code alphabet q orby increasing the textured pattern size. The new results show a perfect restorationof private information. It also highlights the chance of using this new rich QRcode for document authentication.

Keywords:- Two level QR code, private and publicauthentication, q-qry code.

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