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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Evaluation ofResearch Repository 


Abstracthaving an online repository of research related activities is an important partof the university website to provide proper medium or facility for the studentsand faculty members in accomplishing their research proposals and projects.This study aimed to integrate a research webpage from the existing LPU-BattingsWebsite to address the needs of the institution of making its research findingsaccessible to all interested researchers. Word Press is an open source contentmanagement system used in the study to develop the webpage for research.Results showed that the Word Press is truly beneficial to the Web Developersand to the Web Masters who manage the content of the page that will notnecessarily require a graduate of Information technology or any computerrelated technical courses or degree programs. The webpage obtained highevaluation rating from the students and employees. It is considered highlyfunctional, useful and reliable due to its user-friendly environment andcontents that can be easily accessed from the page.

Keyword: Research Webpage, Content ManagementSystem, Functionality, Reliability and Usability.

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