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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

OptimizedIdentity-Based Encryption from Bilinear Pairing


Abstract Since inception ofinternet security and privacy of are the critical issues faced by researchers.Thus researchers came up with use of encryption / decryption for data security,in which public-key cryptography is most celebrated type of cryptography. Keysizes also play vital role in modern cryptographic solution and thuspairing-based cryptography is preferred over other cryptographic solutions.Pairing based cryptography works on interesting properties of curves. AndWireless devices also have a very limited hardware resource, which could be tooweak to cope with asymmetric-key cryptography. It would be desirable if thecryptographic algorithm could be optimized in order to better use hardwareresources. In this we demonstrate how identity-based encryption algorithms frombilinear pairing can be optimized so that hardware resources can be saved. Wenotice that the identity-based encryption algorithms from bilinear pairing inthe literature must perform both elliptic curve group operations andmultiplicative group operations, which consume a lot of hard- ware resources.We manage to eliminate the need of multiplicative group operations forencryption. This is a significant discovery since the hardware structure can besimplified for implementing pairing-based cryptography.

Keywords: Security, ABE, CP-ABE, PKC, IBE, Encryptionalgorithm.

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