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Two Factor Data Security Protection Mechanismfor Cloud Storage System


Abstract— Citizen Card system provides information

about the citizen in any country. A citizen has unique id

to identify to find out the personal information in each

and every department or service whenever a citizen goes.

If any citizen wants to utilize the service or utilities by

government or private organizations, he has to go to

each and every department with different id for the

particular department. In citizen card system the citizen

perform the all transactions based On Id. User performs

like Banking, electricity, Banking Insurance , Tax,

provident fund, Telephone, Gas, movies, Municipality,

credit rating etc. Credit rating tells the behaviour of

person whether citizen character is good or bad. This

system not only helps us to know the information about

the services or utilities but also it helps citizens save

money and time

Keywords: Centralized networks, Distributed networks,

Circuit-switching networks, Network communications, Store

and forward networks

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