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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

 Peer to PeerOn-Demand Valet Service System using Mobile Application


AbstractValet parking system consists of thoughtfully crafted yet easily masteredsoftware applications which are easy to use for technologically less orientedpeople to use ride on demand service. Our findings have made us understand theneed of on demand valet service system in the metropolitan cities of India dueto the increasing population and the subsequent increase in the vehicletraffic. This paper introduces a novel algorithm that provides a valet parkingsystem and develops a architecture based on the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)technology. This paper proposed a system that helps users find parkingsolutions at the least cost based on new performance metrics to calculate theuser parking cost by considering the distance and time. This cost will be usedto offer a solution of finding an available valet service provide upon arequest by the user and a solution of suggesting a new valet service providerif the current valet service provider does not accept the request or nobody isavailable to serve at the moment. The simulation results show that thealgorithm helps in providing on demand valet service to the users and minimizesthe user’s hassle is finding parking in the real time. We also successfullyimplemented the proposed system in the real world.

Keywords: Mobile services, on-demandServices,performance metrics, FCM.

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