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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Image Quality Assessment for Fake Detection


AbstractSecurity is the major concern for today’s scenario. A high level industry usespasswords like thumb, face, voice, iris, etc. There are many security systemsare available but not so reliable for that here the developing system which isvery precise and reliable. In this paper, we present a MATLAB- based fakedetection method that can be used in multiple biometric systems to detectdifferent types of fraudulent access attempts. The main objective is to upgradethe security of biometric recognition, by adding liveness assessment in a fast,user-friendly, manner, through the use of image quality assessment. The complexityis very low, which is suitable for real-time applications, using 25 generalimage quality features extracted from one image.

Key words- Image qualityassessment, biometrics, security, attacks.

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