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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Smart QR Code BasedApplication as Medicine Spotter for Visually Impaired


ABSTRACT:This paper proffers an application with a particular ultimate objective toencourage basic and characteristic way to deal with find the answer for theapparently incapacitated people and to take it as showed by their Doctor'scure. Ostensibly crippled people require not be poor and search for others helpto watch the remedy to be taken. This android application is used to beat thedifficulties they go up against in this circumstance. In this application, arefresh is set which exhorts the customer when to take the arrangements, asvoice yield. The QR code of the arrangement strip held in the hand is gotten bythe inbuilt camera of the convenient. The QR code is taken care of and in thismanner message imprisonment and extraction is done by which the name of thepharmaceutical is recognized. A spotter region is also joined with thisapplication which checks the cure which has been starting at now moved in thecustomer's compact, contrasts and the name of the pharmaceutical perceived andif the remedy must be taken around at that point, by then it educates the sumregarding drug to be taken to the customer as voice yield.  On getting the voice yield from the adaptable,the customer confirmations their pharmaceuticals according to their answer. Itcan similarly be profitable for uneducated people who persist to find whicharrangement must be taken. Especially senior people who are not educatedgenerally persist to examine their remedy names in solitude. This idea wouldachieve incredible results before long.

Keywords: visually impaired, medicine identification,Text localization and Extraction, SQLite.

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