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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Smart Voice BasedNotice Board for College


ABSTRACT:The advancement of straightforward and ease Android based remote notice boardis introduced. The proposed framework utilizes either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi basedremote serial information correspondence. For this reason Android basedapplication programs for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi correspondence between Androidbased individual computerized right hand gadgets and remote show board areutilized. At beneficiary end, a minimal effort wireless notice board ismodified to get what's more, show messages in any of the above correspondencemode. Utilizing the created framework, two distinct applications for showingmessages on a remote advanced notice board and remote individual calling hasbeen actualized. The created framework will accordingly points in remotelyimparting the data to expected clients and furthermore helps in sparing thetime and the cost for paper and printing equipment.

KEYWORDS:Android,Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless notice board

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