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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Secure and Effective Authentication Scheme for DistributedMobile Cloud Computing Services


ABSTRACT: In modern societies, the number of mobile users has dramaticallyrisen in recent years. In this paper, an efficient authentication scheme fordistributed mobile cloud computing services is proposed. The proposed schemeprovides security and convenience for mobile users to access multiple mobilecloud computing services from multiple service providers using only a singleprivate key. The security strength of the proposed scheme is based on bilinearpairing cryptosystem and dynamic nonce generation. In addition, the schemesupports mutual authentication, key exchange, user anonymity, and user un traceability.From system implementation point of view, verification tables are not required forthe trusted smart card generator (SCG) service and cloud computing serviceproviders when adopting the proposed scheme. In consequence, this schemereduces the usage of memory spaces on these corresponding service providers. Inone mobile user authentication session, only the targeted cloud serviceprovider needs to interact with the service requestor (user). The trusted SCG servesas the secure key distributor for distributed cloud service providers andmobile clients. In the proposed scheme, the trusted SCG service is not involvedin individual user authentication process. With this design, our scheme reducesauthentication processing time required by communication and computationbetween cloud service providers and traditional trusted third party service. Formalsecurity proof and performance analyses are conducted to show that the schemeis both secure and efficient

Keywords: cloud computing,Identity-based cryptography, Proxy public key, Remote data integrity checking.

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