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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Design andFabrication of Cooling System by Using LPG in Automobile


Abstract This Document givesinformation about using a LPG in Automobile for cooling Purpose. It seen thatLPG in Naturally in High Pressure. Although this high pressure in not requiredfor engine so this high pressure can be used for cooling purpose. LPG is a byproduct in petroleum refineries and comprises of 24.4% propane, 56.4% butaneand 17.2% isobutene which have very low boiling point (lower than 0 oC). Theuse of LPG for refrigeration purpose can be environment friendly since it hasno ozone depletion potential (ODP).

LPGis available in cylinders at high pressure. When this high pressure LPG ispassed through the capillary tube of small- internal diameter, the pressure ofLPG is dropped due to expansion and phase change of LPG occurs in anisenthalpic process. Due to phase change from liquid to gas latent heat isgained by the liquid refrigerant and the temperature drops. In this way LPG canproduce refrigerating effect for a confined space.

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