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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

An Effective DDoS Defense Framework Using Network FunctionVirtualization


Abstract: Destructive DistributedDenial of Service (DDoS) attacks is one of the top security concerns as theDDoS attacks volumes are increasing constantly.DDos is high profileattack.Among them the SYN Flood attack is the most common type.Other attack areUDP flood,ICMP (Ping) flood,SYN flood,Ping of Death,HTTP flood.ConventionalDDoS defense solutions may not be preferable since they demand highly capablehardware resources which induces high cost and long deployment cycle.Theemerging of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology introduces newopportunities to decrease the amount of proprietary hardware that is needed tolaunch and operate network services.Also existing solution are not networkinteroperable.They requires specific hardware In this paper, we propose a DDoSdefense mechanism named DDfence which facilitates a “domain-helps-domain”collaboration network among NFV-based domain networks. DDfence allows domainnetworks to help each other in handling large volume of DDoS attacks throughresource sharing. Specifically compatible. The resource sharing mechanism ismodeled as a multi-leader-follower Stackelberg game. In this game all domainshave a degree of control to maximize their own utility. The resource supplierdomains determine the amount of resource to each requesting peer based onoptimizing a reciprocal-based utility function. On the other hand, the resourcerequesting domains decide the level of demand to send to the resource supplierdomains in order to reach sufficient support.In this paper we are usingmaven.moven is build automation tool.

Keywords—:DDoS Attacks ,HybridCloud SoftwareDefinedNetworking ,Network Virtualization, scalability , security , Denial of Service

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