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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Design anddevelopment of multipurpose ATV for Agriculture


Abstract Day by  day  the population  of  India is increasing  and  to fulfill  the  need of  food modernization  of agricultural  sectors  are important. Due to chemical fertilizers the fertility of soil isdecreasing. Hence farmers are attracted towards organic farming. Bymechanization in spraying devices fertilizers and pesticides are distributedequally on the farm and reduce the quantity of waste, which results inprevention of losses and wastage of input applied to farm. It will reduce thecost of production. It will reduce the cost of production.  Small scale farmers are very interested in manuallylever operated knapsack sprayer because of its versatility, cost and design.But this sprayer has certain limitations like it cannot maintain requiredpressure; it lead to problem of back pain. However this equipment can also leadto misapplication of chemicals and ineffective control of target pest whichleads to loss of pesticides due to dribbling or drift during application. Byusing diesel operated vehicle are able to work for material handling and spraya Pesticides. It is suitable for small farmer which is not able to take atractor for spray and material handling.    

IndexTerms—spray, ATV, Agriculture equipment, pesticide.

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