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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Smart Garbage Collection System Using IoT


ABSTRACT: Internetof Things (IoT) is the network of various devices which are connected varioussensors, actuators and can exchange data. Solid waste management is the processof collecting the waste from various dustbins located in cities and process thewaste. Collecting the waste from dustbins located in cites by efficient wayreduces the cost required solid waste management system. Theorganization/authority which is responsible for collection of waste should knowthe exact level of garbage along with its location to take proper action. Themain motto of this project is that the user can monitor all dustbin located incities. The user will get to know location of dustbin along with level ofgarbage. He can monitor all dustbin using central website and take properaction according to situation for example details about level of garbage industbin, location of dustbin, if any dustbin get full the sending the vehiclefor cleaning of dustbin. By using this system the overflowing of dustbins areget avoided. The dustbins in this system are equipped with ultrasonic sensor,Wi-Fi module and Arduino board together it is called as Smart Bin. Smart Bincan send data to central server from which all operations related wastecollection process are monitored. In future the data stored in central serveris used to make an android application which is used to get the location ofnearest empty Smart Bin.

Keywords:Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Bin,Arduino, Ultrasonic Sensor, Wi-Fi Module

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