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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Heterogeneous-Cloud for Improving Cloud Data Security


ABSTRACT - Daily large integer bytes of knowledge are generated, fromthis it can predict the number of knowledge which will be generated in future.It is necessary, to introduce some techniques for providing security such ahuge quantity information and to deal with limitation of ‘Cloud Security’. Suchcloud security will beused nearly in each side of cloud atmosphere system. Themotive of this paper is to grasp however cloud security is prime and thenecessity of multi cloud system. This paper conjointly offers a short glimpseof multi cloud security implications within the world and its role in eachfield beside challenges and blessings. This paper conjointly explores variedtechniques, algorithms admire Shamir Secret and Blowfish, systems of multicloudsystem in varied sectors of digital world
Keywords-Cloud Datasecurity, Multi-Cloud Data Encryption and Decryption.

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Issue Publication   On 30 th October 2019