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AbstractAn Internal Intrusion Detection and Protection System byUsing Data Mining and Forensic Techniques (IIDPS) play a significant role in computerssecurity. In network surroundings IIDPS find the activities that have an effect onConfidentiality, Integrity and accessibility on network knowledge. Currently, mostcomputer systems use user IDs and passwords because the login patterns toverify users. However, many of us share their login patterns with co-workersand request these coworkers to help co-tasks, thereby creating the pattern unitedof the weakest points of computer secu- rity. Insider attackers, the validusers of a system who attack the system internally, are hard to find since mostintrusion detection systems and firewalls establish and isolate maliciousbehaviors launched from the external world of the system solely. Additionally,some studies claimed that analyzing system calls (SCs) generated by commandswill establish these commands, with that to accurately find attacks, with attackpatterns are the options of an attack. Therefore, in this project, a securitysys- tem, named the Host Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS), is projectedto find Insider attacks at SC level by optimizing data processing and rhetoricaltechniques. The HIDS creates user’s personal profiles & log file to staytrack of user’s.

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