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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Image Search Based on Tag Social Re-Ranking


Abstract Most of the websites like Flickr allow users usesimages with free tags, which contribute to the development of the web imageretrieval and organization. Image search based on tag sis an important methodto find images contributed by social users in such social websites. However,how to make the top ranked result suitable and with diversity is challenging.In this paper, a social re-ranking system for based on tag is retrieved withthe consideration of image’s relevance and variance. The main is to re-rankingimages according to their visual information, semantic information and socialinformation. The primary results include images contributed by

different social users.

Keywords: Social Media, Tag-based Image Retrieval, SocialClues, Image search, Re-ranking

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Issue Publication   On 30 th October 2019