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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Design and Analysis of Corrugated Aluminium SandwichStructures Using Ansys Workbench


Abstract Sandwichplates are composed of face plates which are separated by core material. Theyare usually designed in such a way that the face plates carry the bending andin-plane loads. The core is designed to carry longitudinal loads. The faceplates and core can be selected from metals such as structured steel oraluminium alloy but the core can also possess various sandwich structures suchas O-core, I-core, Web Core, I-Core, I-Core etc. Sandwich panels with top andbottom plates as well as the core made up of aluminium are called as aluminiumsandwich panel .In this paper sandwich structure is made up of aluminium alloy.This construction has often used in lightweight applications such as aircrafts,marine applications and wind turbine blades. Sandwiched panels have advancedHigh stiffness and strength to weight ratio and in this work various sandwichedstructure is applied to optimize the weight of lifting platform. A Sandwichpanel of structural steel has more strength but it also has more weight, so ourmain objective is to optimize the weight with keeping the same strength asstructural steel. According to our objective we check the different sandwichstructure of aluminium alloy by using the ANSYS software and based on thatfinally the best suited sandwich structure is selected for the replacement ofStructural steel plate.

Keywords: Sandwich Panels, Ansys,weight optimization, finite element analysis, core

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