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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Review on Indian Sign Language Recognition System for DeafPeople


AbstractSign Language Recognition System is one of the most growing researchestoday. Many new Techniques are having been developed recently in the field ofSign Language Recognition. This system becomes popular because it is only oneof the efficient way through which the deaf and dumb people can convey theirmessage to other people. In this paper we proposed some methods, through whichthe recognition of the signs becomes easy. We use the different signs to conveythe meanings. And the result of those signs will be converted into the text. Weproposed a method for that is, Scale Invariance Fourier Transform (SIFT).Byusing the Webcam we capture the image of the hand gesture, after that by usingSIFT algorithm, Feature Extraction will performed. That matches the key pointsof captured image with key points of previously stored images.

Keywords: Indian Sign Language, Feature Extraction, Edge Detection,Sign recognition, Color, texture, boundary and shape information.

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