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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Improvement of Ultimate Bearing Capcity of Black Cotton Soil By Using Murum Bed and  Geo-Grid


The abnormal behavior of expansive soil creatsdifficulties in construction. Many of studies were carried out to improve thestability of black cotton soil. In most of cases it is advised to alter thesubgrade soil by high strength soil such as sand or murum. But it was foundthat this may costs more and project becomes expensive. In the present study weare investigating suitability of murum bed in black cotton soil at a certaindepth without replacing total soil bed along with a layer of geo-grid. Effectof use of murum in soil bed increases the strength by considerable margin.Geo-grid holds the murum densly and avoid the formation of cracks in soil bed.Load carrying capacity of soil increases and firm suitable foundation availablefor construction.

Keywords: Blackcotton soil, Murum,Geo-grid.

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