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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

Harmonic Mitigation inDistribution Network Using Unified Power Quality Conditioner


AbstractThis paper presents design,configuration and control of Unified power quality conditioner in distributionnetwork for Harmonic mitigation technique. The d-q-0 and p-q-0 theories areused for controlling of UPQC. The UPQC is a promisingcustom power device installed in the distribution system to protect the load fromPQ distortions and it protects the utility from thepenetration of current imperfections. Shunt compensator is used to regulatecurrent distortion and series compensator regulates voltage distortion. TheUPQC improves power quality at the point of installation on power distributionsystems or industrial power systems.UPQC System is modeled and simulated using the blocks of Simulink

Keywords: UPQC, APF and VSI

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