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ISSN (Online) 2456 - 0774

A Novel Method for Detecting and Preventing IPSpoofing Attack in Data Network


AbstractIn the Internet, IP source addressspoofing is used in many attacks such as some DDOS/DrDoS attacks. Defendingagainst these attacks are the hardest security problems on the internet. One ofthe methods to thwart these attacks is to trace the source of the attacksbecause they often use incorrect or spoofed IP source addresses to disguise thetrue origin. This paper presents a light weight method to detect and preventthe IP spoofing. To validate the incoming IP packet a network AuthenticationServer (AS) performs a three way verification process for each initiatinghost. The proposed method which iscapable to detect and prevent all types of spoofing packets including subnetspoofing contributes to standard ingress/egress methods in eliminating bogustraffic on the Internet.

Keywords: IP spoofing, DDoS, Hop Count, Internetprotocol

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